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Tomahawk Public Library

Circulation and Outreach Librarian

Starting wage $12.00+
25 to 29 hours with vacation and holiday

The Tomahawk Public Library provides service to the residents of the City of Tomahawk and the surrounding communities of Lincoln County. Our library is located on the shores of the scenic Lake Mohawksin on the Wisconsin River.

The Library’s objectives include the provision of books, materials and programs selected to support our community in the pursuit of education, information, pleasure research, and in the use of leisure time. The Tomahawk Public Library is a member of the Wisconsin Valley Library Service.

The Circulation and Outreach Librarian will be responsible for circulation desk shifts and work with staff to plan, organize, coordinate, and administers resilient and effective library services and programs that meet the diverse needs of the community.

This position requires but is not limited to:

  1. Circulation desk – shifts as assigned
  2. Check in materials – shifts as assigned
  3. Shelving and/or Reading library material as assigned
  4. Prepares and coordinates delivery of library materials for outreach patrons and agencies
    a. Keep all promotional materials current
    b. Work with other staff to keep current website information
  5. Prepares and coordinates programs for outreach agencies as needed
    a. Create and maintain working relationships with outreach agencies
    b. Create and maintain self-directed materials for the library
  6. Coordinate adult literacy reading programs with other staff
    a. Example: Summer Reading program or Great Wisconsin Read
  7. Assist, plan, present, and/or coordinate in-house programming as assigned
  8. Assist, create, and maintain displays
    a. Adult side of book display areas
    b. Library event displays
  9. Assist with finishing of material processing
  10. Assist in the management of social media and online content related to adult literacy
    a. Create posters, sliders, and/or other material for programs with Publisher, Canva and/or other programs
    b. Create website sliders and Facebook content and information
  11. Maintain relationships and communicate with area radio, newspaper, and other agencies
    regarding information on the library, services, and programs
  12. Performs opening and closing duties
  13. Reports to Director and performs other duties as required by the library management

Contact Heidi O’Hare, Tomahawk Public Library Director at director@tomahawk.lib.wi.us or 715-453-2455

Tomahawk Public Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Mon 10 - 6
Tues 10 - 6
Wed 10 - 6
Thurs 10 - 6
Fri 10 - 3


Tomahawk Public Library
300 W Lincoln Ave
Tomahawk, WI 54487


Email: copy@tomahawk.lib.wi.us